Beautiful Storm is a about 12 years old and very sweet, gentle playful dog. She absolutely LOVES playing outside. She will lay in the snow and chew a stick for hours if you let her! She loves playing fetch and hopping around in the snow. She loves walks and even went for a 3.5km jog!

Inside, she is very quiet and content. We noticed that she LOVES balls and squeaky toys. She loves them SO much, that if she has one in her possession, she will run around the house with it in her mouth crying of happiness, wagging her tail and showing it off to everyone she sees. If it doesn’t squeak, she will chew it up within an hour. Lol. She also really likes chewing her bones and treats.

She is great when we leave her alone and of course, very excited to see us when we are home. She has never chewed something that wasn’t given to her (dog treats/toys) and has never shown aggression to humans. She has met 2 dogs. After the second encounter she showed amazing improvement and was able to lay in the same room with the dog, off muzzle. No playing, but she no longer ‘cared’ that the other dog was around which was great. We think with more regular interaction she will be fine with other dogs.

Storm LOVES kids!

Great news! Storm is available for adoption in Ontario!

House trained • Spayed/Neutered • Current on vaccinations • Prefers a home without: Dogs and Cats • Primary Color(s): Black • Secondary Color(s): White or Cream • Coat Length: Short